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Music and related things I'm doing or with which I was once involved.


Blue Doom - in Progress

Progressive/heavy rock project of the last few years. Looking to record late 2019

The Sites and Sounds The Sites and Sounds

A podcast 2016 - ???? We've not completed one of these in a while. Tommy's been busy building amps, I've been busy working on music, work, fatherhood, etc.

Tunes Alive

A start-up I began with Nate DeVillers in about 2008. Pictured is an early mockup of an "artist page". The service launched in about 2012 with functionality similar to Bandcamp plus some cool fan and venue features. We believed very strongly in supporting independent musicians. It was painful for us when we had to put it on ice after a few years of operation. There has been talk of another effort, but it would be a very different service. Always artist-first.

Interviews for Tunes Alive

Ronald Bruner Sr. of Strange Jazz Universe, available on itunes.

Jamie Kime at the Baked Potato. "Alleys", and Grammy-winning.


Circa '05-'06. This band had a ton of potential, most of it unrealized. Some of that my fault.


Photo from Bogarts in Cincinnati, my first show if you don't count basements and state park rentals. Playing a Dean ML clone I made with my dad.

Check out the "guitar charts" link for some old (but still cool) guitar lessons I put together a while back.

Guitar Charts

Miscellaneous Pantera Noodling