Posted 07/01/2014
Amazing is a weird trick that will give you the freedom to shed excess words from your vocabulary, instantly, permanently. One dose of amazing can replace 2, 3, up to 4 different adjectives! Amazing is an everyday solution for describing anything with no added detail, context, or subtlety. Rugged enough for work, but safe for those gentle conversations among intimates. Amazing is fully compatible with words like "like" and "um", and totally fits with "y'know". And now you do know.

Not intended for use by companies or individuals with national marketing budgets. Amazing should not be paired with indy music or any form of quirky piano ostinatos, as this may cause an unsafe drop in cred. Please consult your consultants if you are, or may become, an accessory to the decline of civilization.

No more searching for the right word. Amazing. Apply liberally, but never literally.

(this is a plea for help)